Ellen James

Level 3 Qualification in Health and Social Care

"During my apprenticeship, I researched policies and documentation relevant to being a residential worker, working in a children and young people’s respite service. I answered to questions on all aspects of social and healthcare, relevant to my role. I gained confidence in areas such as the preparation and administration of medication, communication with children and their families and in my knowledge of good practice within the residential home, in terms of safeguarding, data protection and confidentiality for example."

"I enjoyed doing this qualification because the Smart Assessor portal made it easy for me to keep track of my progress and for me find the relevant units. I benefited from having tutor, Suresh Chauhan, come regularly to my workplace to discuss my work and make recordings of some of the units with me. I was able to discuss my work in more depth this way and to relate it to current work I was doing in the home. I shall now be able to continue onto my Level 4 qualification, reinforcing the learning I have done in this Level 3 qualification."