Why choose The Childcare Company?

Because we want learners to enjoy their learning experience. What makes The Childcare Company different is that we are dedicated to childcare training. The company was founded by a group of people who have spent their lives working in childcare as school head teachers, school governors, nursery directors, nursery managers and professional education writers.

We understand the childcare working environment and the importance of high standard training.

Our team of tutors are all childcare professionals and all training is overseen by a professional Teaching and Learning Co-Ordinator with experience of in all areas of childcare.

We train in independent day nurseries, playschools, pre-schools, children’s centres, children’s homes and after school clubs up to some of the biggest childcare chains in the UK.

Why choose online learning for your staff?

The Childcare Company provides flexible, fully tutored and guided learning which blends in-depth online teaching and learning resources with vocational experience and tutor guidance. This means it is learning which can be fitted around the learner and the employer.

If you are unfamiliar with online learning, it may seem impossible to train your staff ‘online’. However, we have continued to achieve a high success rate and find that many of our learners progress onto a higher level of training once they have achieved their initial qualification.


Distance learning implies a learner will be sent their course and is left to complete it on their own. Once they are finished if they have met the standards, they receive a certificate.

Travelling to a college is no longer an issue. Learning can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is the same for every learner. Lessons cannot be ‘missed’ and can be revisited as many times as the learner wishes.

Learning is varied and can be adapted to suit the learner’s need. All learners are given one-to-one sessions by telephone or Skype™ giving them the opportunity to discuss their learning experience and ask the questions which are important to them. Learners who require more support have access to this.

How will I be involved in my staff’s training?

It is important that employers are involved in the training of their staff, however, we also know that the employer’s time is extremely precious. Your contributions can be small but meaningful, or you can choose to take an active role in the training of your staff.

Throughout the course you will have login details for your own Laser. This enables you track how your staff are progressing with their training. You can view the amount of time they have spent looking at lessons on their Laser, and how far they are through their course. This means if you wish to track the member of staff’s progress and ensure they are keeping up with their work, you have the tools to do this. Any support, guidance or encouragement you can provide to the members of staff training with us is very much appreciated and we encourage our tutors to develop close relationships with managers wherever possible.

You will be asked to complete a short review of your member of staff’s progress once every 10 weeks. This is the only mandatory involvement on your part and is a great opportunity for you to tell us how their practice has improved. You will be contacted by the member of staff’s Tutor who will update you of their progress. This communication is essential to praise and motivate the member of staff. Likewise if the member of staff begins to fall behind in their work or is not contactable for whatever reason, the communication between yourself and our staff means this can be addressed at a very early stage.