If you live outside the UK but want to gain a UK qualification, we can provide this service for you.

Learners from countries including Austria, Pakistan, Gibraltar and Grand Cayman have successfully chosen to train using our flexible online learning programme with full Tutor support.

Our training is very similar for those in the UK and those who live outside the UK. You will be given access to the Laser in the same way, which will enable you to access all the teaching and learning resources for your course. You will also be assigned to a Tutor to conduct learning sessions with you by phone or Skype™, mark your work and guide you throughout your course.

In terms of observation, if you know someone who is a qualified and vocationally competent assessor for your chosen qualification, they can conduct your observations as long as they can provide the relevant certificates to prove their capabilities. If you do not know anyone who can assess you, there will be an extra charge for us to send out an assessor to you.

If there is more than one person who requires an observation for their course at your setting, the additional cost can be split between you as the cost is to cover travel and accommodation for our Tutor.

Please ensure the qualification you have chosen is recognised by the nursery you are working for or wish to work for. UK qualifications are generally sought after, but it is important you are absolutely sure this is the right qualification for you.