Teaching Assistant

Level 3 Supporting Teaching & Learning


Our Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship programme guides participants to thrive in their integral role within the classroom, with a particular focus on building vital emotional support skills in tandem with developing a range of skills to effectively support students with special educational needs. Throughout their learning journey, participants will develop their skills and knowledge with support from occupationally competent trainers and tutors with a wealth of experience to share.

Over the 15 month programme, participants will cover a wide variety of topics to establish their position as a role model for those they support in the classroom. They will also develop an intimate understanding of behaviour and communication, as well as mastering the skills necessary to support teachers effectively by using appropriate classroom technology, creating individualised strategies to support each student, and working as a team to create a safe, inclusive, and positive learning environment for every student.

Who is the course for?

  • Classroom or school volunteers who want to progress into a permanent classroom role
  • Workers who are passionate about supporting students and children to learn
  • Those who have experience supporting individuals with special educational needs and/or emotional vulnerabilities, or those who want to work to support individuals with special educational needs and/or emotional vulnerabilities


  • 15 months


  • 3

On this programme you’ll learn…

  • How students and children learn and develop
  • How to work with teachers to understand and support assessment for learning
  • The importance of keeping children safe in education
  • How to use classroom technology effectively
  • How to develop strategies for support
  • Communication, collaboration, and team work
  • Problem solving
  • The importance of promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion

Entry requirements

  • You do not need previous experience in this role to begin this course
  • You must have lived in the UK or EU for the past three years