“Boys & Girls Nursery have accessed training through the Childcare company for over four years and trainees have always had support from knowledgeable and supportive assessors. Regular updates enable managers to track progress and support where necessary. I would recommend The Childcare Company”

Natasha Kirby,
Director Boys & Girls Nursery

“The Laser was so easy to use, very self explanatory and easy to follow. It was great to be able to see how I was progressing as I was doing the course as it kept me motivated. My assessor, Hannah Cole, was wonderful to work with – she was helpful, encouraging and very motivating. I enjoyed what I was doing and found myself implementing my new found knowledge as soon as I had learnt it.”

Michelle Clarke
CCLD NVQ level 4

“I am really pleased with how quickly I was able to complete my course and how my tutor helped me to do so. The personal Laser was very useful for tracking my progress and for checking what needed to be completed.”

Amber Eacock
CCLD NVQ level 4

“Jay, my assessor, was exceptionally fast to reply to my emails and made very regular contact, offering constant support and encouragement.”

Susan Rees
CCLD NVQ level 4

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I loved doing the research and finding the information I required which has given me a greater insight into childcare. I think that the laser was an ideal tool for learning and as I am not very computer literate I found it easy to get around the laser and it was simple to use. I thought that my assessor team were very supportive and that if I did have any problems or needed any help I knew that they were there for me.”

Angela Bergin
CYPW Lv3 Diploma

“Just to say thank you for a wonderful opportunity and such fantastic support all the way through.”

Barbara McMillan
CYPW Lv3 Diploma

“I did have a few qualms at the beginning because I am used to classroom learning, but the Laser worked well and it was fantastic to be able to work around my family and employment. I have had amazing support from my tutor and I think that the course has been fantastic.”

Jane Walsh
CYPW Lv3 Apprenticeship

“I found the way the course is set out with the Laser easy to use and understand.”

Susan Stevens
CYPW Lv3 Apprenticeship

“I felt my tutor was very supportive throughout my whole training she has worked very closely with me to get my NVQ finished and was available to speak to if I needed her. My work was always marked as soon as it was sent and I always got feedback immediately.”

Samantha Collison
NVQ Lv3 Apprenticeship

“I really enjoyed the course, everything I needed was in the lessons and these were really helpful. My assessor was very helpful and always guided me in the correct direction.”

Lisa Palmer
CYPW Lv3 Diploma

“I found the course very interesting and I liked doing it online. My assessor team were fantastic; they were helpful, friendly and kept me going through the course.”

Mary Earis
CYPW Lv3 Diploma

“The Laser is very easy to use and a good assessor makes its very enjoyable too!!! Sarah was very good – I couldn’t have asked for a better assessor – Thank you.”

Amy Willis

“I found that being able to log in from home or work to do my work was very easy and I could log on whenever and wherever I wanted. I found it very useful to track my progress and loved seeing my percentage slowly growing.”

Katy Polworth
CYPW Lv3 Diploma

“I loved the fact it is on-line and I could go on it anytime I wanted. Elaine, my assesor, was always around when I needed her. She was also very helpful and encouraging.”

Emma Coleman
Childminding Unit

“My assessor was very supportive. She provided me with necessary motivation to complete the course. The Laser was extremely easy to use and I could monitor my progress.”

Prem Lata
NVQ Level 3

“I couldn’t think of anything more The Childcare Company could do. I had the perfect assessor, who was so supportive from the start and encouraged me all the way through”

Akua Broderick
NVQ Level 3

“My assessor has been a real inspiration. She had an excellent way of supporting me but still allowing me to have control over the way I studied, the rate at which I worked and then style of finished assignment that I produced.”

Jemma Fifield
Childminding Unit

“I will miss doing the course!”

Alexandra Orchard
NVQ Level 3

“My course has helped me build my knowledge and confidence within my work place. My assessor set me good, clear workplans which made it easy for me to understand the work set. I was always being motivated and praised for work I had completed which gave me the incentive to keep going.”

Amie Pike
NVQ Level 4

“It was great working with my assessor she supported me all the time.”

Jugnu Hemnani
NVQ Level 3

“The lessons are put together well in bite size pieces to make them easy to take on board and understand.”

Phillipa Walkden
NVQ Level 3

“It was nice to be able to access my laser at all times of the day and I really liked seeing how my percentage went up as I completed my work! I have really enjoyed training and completing this course. It is set out very well to help learners gain the best knowledge to help them. It has been very good training in this way and I would definitely recommend it to others.”

Rebecca Foster

“My assessor was very encouraging and kept me motivated to complete my course. The Laser was simple to use and made it easy for me to keep track of my personal progress which encouraged me to keep going as I saw my percentage slowly increase.”

Leah Squirrell
NVQ Lv2 Apprenticeship

“Unlike any other training or schooling I have done previously, it was nice to see my progress easily throughout the whole course so I could see for myself where I needed to work harder.”

Lily Chamberlain
CYPW Lv3 Apprenticeship

“I feel that my assessor always gave me brilliant feedback and explained anything I did not understand in a good and simple way. She was very supportive and really helped in building my confidence. Everything that I have covered in this course has benefitted my practice and knowledge. …I would highly recommend this course to others”

Lucy Smallman
NVQ Lv3 Apprenticeship

“I have gained confidence in my job from what I have learnt on this course.”

Maxine Simpson
NVQ Lv3 Apprenticeship

“I have really enjoyed the course and feel that by doing it online I have been able to find time to fit other day to day things in too. I feel it is good that you are able to track the progress in percentage of what is completed.

Alex Elliott was my assessor and I would like to say how excellent she has been. She always ensures you are comfortable and understand what you are doing, she helps you to succeed. Thank you Alex for making my course an enjoyable experience.”

Samantha Butler

“I have just recently completed my level 4 qualification with The Childcare Company and found the experience extremely uplifting and positive. I like the layout of the laser as it is very eye friendly and easy to use for those whose I.T skills are not too great. It has most definitely boosted my self esteem and confidence in my knowledge in childcare and ability to be a positive role model to my team as a manager.

I felt that my assessor, Jolene Gardner, was extremely supportive towards my learning. She was helpful and encouraging giving me the inspiration to follow in her footsteps.”

Stavrina Petros-Koumi