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If you are close to achieving your qualification, you may be considering your career prospects for the future.

It may be the case that you have been working in a placement, volunteering or undertaking an apprenticeship to complete your course. In these cases you may now want to think about how to use your new qualification to further your career and enter into employment.

It could also be the case that you are employed but now want to apply for a higher position in your workplace.

Moving On

Level 2: You will now have the foundation knowledge for your chosen sector. The most obvious choice would be to continue your training and begin a Level 3 qualification when you are ready. You may want to give yourself a few months to put your qualification into practice first. You should then consider whether you want to stay in the sector or move elsewhere.

If you are hoping to go to university, you will need to first achieve your Level 3 qualification before applying for your degree. (Unless you already hold other qualifications that are accepted by the higher education sector).

Moving On

Level 3: The Level 3 qualification is often the level employers expect you to be working at in your role. If you are not already Level 3 qualified then this is probably what you are working towards. Once you have this qualification you could then pursue a management qualification at Level 4 or 5. You may then want to move on to do a foundation degree.

You should consider whether you want to stay within the sector, but bear in mind your employability within the sector will increase with a Level 3 qualification.

Moving On

Level 5: A Level 5 qualification shows your commitment to your training and is evidence that you want to progress within the sector. You may want to gain the Level 5 in order to become a manager or to gain further practice knowledge.

You may be able to use credits from the Level 5 towards obtaining a foundation degree. You could also consider moving within your sector by using the combined knowledge and experience you have gained.

Looking for Jobs

There are many ways to look for jobs or employment possibilities.

You can search for jobs using the internet. You may want to use a search engine to search for a website which lists available positions specifically in your sector. For example, if you are looking for a job in childcare, you may use

It might also be useful to read magazines or publications which are focussed on your sector as this will keep you up-to-date on changes within the industry and may also provide a list of available positions.

Looking for Jobs

For a more general search, you can use websites such as, . or You could also use a search engine to search for jobs in your geographical area. For example, you could search for “jobs in Coventry” and this would give you results for any job available in that area. Another way to look for jobs in your local area is to read the employment section of your local newspaper. This is often delivered to your home for free but if you’re not sure you could ask you nearest News Agent.

Another useful website is which provides a list of jobs posted by employers in Job Centres across the UK. A lot of employers use the Job Centre to advertise positions.

Looking for Jobs

Do research companies or specific businesses you would like to work for, for example, if you specifically want to work in a care home for the elderly, you can research those in your area and get in contact with them directly. A good option is to send your CV and a covering letter by post or email and then follow up later with a phone call. (This booklet will go on to explain how to effectively write a CV and covering letter).

You could also consider undertaking an apprenticeship. This means you may be able to earn and be in employment at the same time as gaining your qualification. To look at apprenticeship vacancies, visit

Your qualification with The Childcare Company

By achieving a qualification with The Childcare Company you have already gained numerous valuable skills. There may be many which are relevant to a new job role.

♦ ICT Capability. By completing an online qualification you have made use of ICT software programmes and word processing software. It may also have increased your capabilities with computer hardware and navigation of the internet.

♦ Managing your workload. Though your Assessor will have guided you through your course, you have had to juggle your work life, home life and you qualification. This is impressive to employers as it shows you were able to manage different tasks effectively.

Your qualification with The Childcare Company

♦Commitment to your sector. By choosing to complete a work-based qualification you have shown a real commitment to the sector you work in.

♦A Level 2 qualification will have provided the underpinning knowledge for further training and employment. You will now have the foundations to become an exceptional and knowledgeable member of any working team and if you are hoping to move onto Level 3 training this will further reward you in the workplace.

♦A Level 3 qualification will mean you have the required knowledge for your sector at this time. It shows you are committed to learning and to your role and also shows that you are ready to take on further responsibilities.

Your qualification with The Childcare Company

♦A Level 5 qualification shows you are hungry to develop yourself and further your career. You have chosen to go above and beyond the necessary qualifications and want to develop your skills to be the best you can possibly be.

♦Smaller award qualifications or unit qualifications will show an employer that you are interested in developing your skills and want to be knowledgeable about the work environment. If you choose to pursue further learning these qualifications will be extremely helpful.

Your qualification with The Childcare Company

Consider why you decided to complete your qualification. What did you want to achieve and why did you feel it was important? If you can formulate an answer to this then you can expand on this and communicate to an employer your career aspirations and desires for the future.

Please remember The Childcare Company and our Assessing team cannot provide references for employers as we do not work with you directly. However, if you would a letter stating the qualification you achieved and the dates you were in learning then please do not hesitate to email us at

Your Career

Whatever you choose to do now you have finished your qualification, we hope you will remember that learning never ends and there are always ways to improve your skills and better yourself as both an employee and as a person.

If you would like more information about the further training we offer, please email for an information pack.

The Childcare Company is an ambassador of life-long learning and we hope your qualification will continue to expand your knowledge and will become the invaluable tool in your career which it deserves to be.

Good luck!